Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Great Minds Think Alike #11

Below: Zara's Balmain lookalike...if copying is the highest form of flattery,
then Balmain will be very 'pleased'...
Peaked shoulder blazer, skinny jeans and suede boots at Zara prices

Below: Waxed biker style skinny jeans too...

Below: The original Balmain looks with the skinniest of jeans and peaked shoulder blazers...

Below: Balmain's peaked shoulder blazer - € 1928.33 (excluding VAT)

Below: Balmain's black waxed cotton motorcross jeans - € 1061.67 (excluding VAT)

Below: Balmain's suede boots - £1,414

Zara's Balmain Lookalikes...

Is it a form of flattery when designs from luxury fashion houses get copied by the more affordable fast fashion labels, like Zara? Seems Zara has picked up on the 'Balmainia' and starts to offer lookalike pieces for their Fall Winter 2009 womenswear. What will the true Balmain customers feel about this invasion of Balmain clones at a more accessible price?

For those discerning enough, of course a true Balmain piece offers couture like detailing, luxurious fabrics and originality in concept. But will the exorbitant pricing of the original pieces be able to withstand the 'rigours' of fleeting fashion trends? Or will it become a timeless classic like Chanel or Hermès? It's too early to tell.

For the time being, clever fashionistas will have to make a judgement for themselves. Save the $ and get some Zara or buy into possible investment pieces of original Balmain for timeless classics?

If I am a girl, I would do an inbetween. Get those killer jeans from Balmain, buy those pointy shoulder jackets from Zara. Nobody except the very discerning will be able to tell what's real and what's copied, since you have both.

Who wants a piece of Zara's Balmain lookalikes?:-)

On a side note, I really want to check out those pointy shoulder Zara jackets...wonder if a guy can pull that off. A more subdued Gareth Pugh lookalike?

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5 comments: said...

Ha! Good luck with that. I did pick up something hot at Zara today. You'll see.

SE@N said...

Of course, guys can definitely pull that jacket off. I believe this jacket will be a "collectible key item" like BALENCIAGA school boy jacket.

Eclair Au Chocolat said...

"if copying is the highest form of flattery,
then Balmain will be very 'pleased'..."=> Funny. Send an email to Balmain and ask them if they like it. lol

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Sean, have you seen a jersey material blazer from the women's range? In grey or black. That looks fab as well...shoulders not as peaked...but it does reek balmain:-P I got one. The material is like t-shirt, so it is soft and drappy.

Go hunt for it!

and Sean, reveal! Reveal!

and have you got any luck with the 'task' I was talking to you about?:-)


June said...

kevin! have you seen zara top too?
its like more margiela looks. i really want to buy this but im not sure where i can buy this. :(
and do you know how much it cost?
if you drop in zara, could you check the price for me?
ive searching this clothe all day but i couldnt find in the internet,

anyway! ive subscribed your blog, and its really nice :)and i always envy your lovely balenciaga bags!

have a good day