Monday, 3 August 2009

My Shopping Conquest #82

Below: Finally, time to reveal my recent Club 21 sale pieces weeks ago:-)
First up, something from Neil Barrett...

Below: It's my gorgeous Neil Barrett Navy Stripe Blazer,
skinny fitted and impeccably tailored:-)

Below: There's even a small folded white cotton 'pocket square'
included with the blazer. Adds an elegant touch:-)

Below: I love skinny fit:-) This blazer is also cropped length and made in Italy:-)

Below: As seen on the Neil Barrett Spring Summer 2009 mens show...

Below: Appearing again with another styling combination during the runway show:-)
Looking as smart when paired with pants as does the shorts above. Doesn't the blazer look
good with the Neil Barrett Metallic Blue Lace-ups I also featured today?
Hmmm...temptations, temptations...

Neil Barrett Navy Stripe Blazer

Don't we all love end of season sales? For me, it is the perfect opportunity to stock up on items that I would lust for but yet I do not need it urgently and hence can afford the wait till sale time. I would have reservations paying for these 'nice-to-have' pieces at full retail price:-) especially in an economy situation like this year. So no matter how much I had love this smart and handsome, Neil Barrett Navy Stripe Blazer, I still decided to have patience and wait. Impeccably tailored, made from the finest silk material while in an elegant navy colour, what's not to fall in love with this amazing statement piece from Neil Barrett's Spring Summer 2009 mens collection. It was even prominently featured on the runway show which further affirms I had lusted for the right piece:-)

My patience paid off well this time, and of course with good help from my most helpful SA:-) I successfully got this blazer at my size during Club 21's pre-sale!

With a good 41% discount during the presale, the blazer becomes of exceptional value. A good investment for those occasions when you need a smart elegant ensemble for special functions:-) I especially love the white 'hanky' which was included. Perfect for a touch of dandy elegance. I can't wait to wear it soon:-)

Where to buy: Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel


00o00 said...

you love it so much you posted it twice!

love the blazer, it's stunning. very much my cup of tea!

Eclair Au Chocolat said...

Gorgeous, i like the navy stripe. Congrats. said...

LOVE IT! Congrats. Nice piece. So cute with white jeans!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hahaha Joe, I must have click twice...blogger can be very obliging sometimes:-P

and thanks Eclair, and Sean.

Yes, it will look great with white jeans and blue(my blue suede Zara loafers?) or white lace-ups!


Allan said...

love eeet! of course, it's one of the things I won't be able to find here in Copenhagen.


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

But you were in london yeah? U should have shopped there!:-)

At least you get cute Danish boys to drool, I think I will trade for that. hahaha


Allan said...

I did shop! I bought a little thing from Hermès. Will reveal later on PF.

yeah, Danish boys are the hotness.