Saturday, 8 August 2009

My Shopping Conquest #83

Below: My new Zara Grey Jersey Material Blazer...soft slouchy. Feels like wearing a t-shirt:-P

Below: Slim good for guys who are slim

Below: I like the stripe lining underneath the sleeves...
can roll it up for some pattern mix:-)

Below: Lanvin's version of jersey material blazer from Fall Winter 2009 Men's collection...

Zara Grey Jersey Blazer

T-shirt jersey materials are rarely used on tailored blazers. These light-weight and soft material are more for casual wear such as T-shirts, hoodies and sports shorts. So when I chanced upon this Zara Grey Jersey Blazer during my first visit to Zara Ion Orchard, I felt it was the best of both casual and formalwear world:-) Ideal for wearing on lazy weekends....but smart enough for evening parties. The jersey material is also not suffocating in summer heat and is soft and slouchy for an effortless look.

Problem is...the blazer is from the women's range. I feel kinda out-of-place browsing and inspecting it among all the lady shoppers around. I can feel their piercing eyes beaming with questions of why a guy is shopping in the women's department. I walked away on the first visit. But return the next day, grab the blazer off the hanger and head to the men's dressing room to try it out. Since it was cut for a girl, the blazer was slim and fitted. The fit was perfect, even more so than the men's range. I also like the jersey material which feels very comfortable.

So I bought it, the price was very affordable. Now I am not going to have any reservations buying if I ever spot any cool pieces from the women's department which can pass off as men's.

(PS. the most obvious giveaway that this blazer was for the ladies is the way the button closes. It's right over left instead of the other way round:-P But who cares:-P)

Retail price: SGD $149. Where to buy: Zara Boutique at Ion Orchard


Anonymous said...

you should get the studded blazer kev. It's cute ^^

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I thought about it...but too many people I know has I passed:-)

Anonymous said...

it looks like smthng off the guy's range!!!!

Eclair Au Chocolat said...

LVoe it!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Anony, the blazer is like any other blazer, nothing girly except it's more slimmer cut.

And Eclair...thanks!

cactus said...

A fashion insider would notice it's cut for a woman. tell tale sign: women's shirts and jackets button holes are on the right side of the wearer. FYI!

Allan said...

oh oh oh oh!

love eett!

sissification is the new black! hahaha

j/k kev. :-)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi cactus,

did you read the last line of the post? haha. I did mention that:-)

But who cares. If it fits, it can be for anyone. Fashion is what it is being marketed to be.

And Allan, yes, your famous quote is taking its' impact on me:-P Hahaha

It's a nice cut for smaller build guys, slim and shorter:-) try it!

it's not very expensive and comes in black as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi there (:

May i know how much the blazer costs? (:

and anyways, many things are unisex nowadays. Whose to say men can't wear women's blazers? Its not like its very feminine to begin with. Many guys nowadays wear slim fitting clothes (: