Friday, 20 November 2009

2 Books... A Million Inspirations:-)

Below: I got my complimentary Prada book...all wrapped in a nice shopping bag!
Prada's new packaging?

Below: Prada book...must read... a 'tome' of the brands history and design inspirations...

Below: My favourite blogger and street fashion photographer, Mr Scott Schuman's book is mine!

'Prada' And The 'Sartorialist' Is Mine!

What a week of inspirations:-) I got my complimentary Prada 'brand bible' book yesterday (for attending the Prada Ion Orchard opening) and today... The Sartorialist's (at 20% off from Kinokuniya). Inspiring Fri evening, I am grinning as I flip the pages. Have you gotten yours yet?:-P


Allan said...

Not yet.

I'm waiting for the Hermes book which will be released on the 30th of Nov. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes on both! Congrats Kev!

Have you placed your pre-order yet, Allan?

:el fano: said...

ahhhhhhhhh I can't [wait] to get my hands on the PRADA BOOK!! gahhhhhhhhhhhh [i want it]! =) xo xo :el fano: