Monday, 23 November 2009

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #58

Below: (Click on pics to enlarge for better viewing). Meet the Prada Space Age bear Trick family! My girl 'Orsy' is featured, Woohoo!

Below: The lucky star bears and their poker inspired range of key rings...lovely! Like Alice in Wonderland:-P

Below: Horoscope key rings anyone?! My star sign is featured too! Is that a sign I should get one too?

Below: The Jester key charm is my favourite. So cute! Costs SGD $320...which is steep in pricing...

Below: Love these bejewelled long wallets...perfect for girlfriends or sisters:-P

Below: For the boys, skull motif wallets and pouches will get your man some rebel attitude!

Below: Pretty in pink lining...matches the gold exterior perfectly...

Prada 2009 Festive Season Gift Collection

It's gift giving season yet again! Lots of fashion brands have launched their Holiday collections just in time to tap onto the year end buying frenzy. And if you are looking for gift ideas, I would recommend Prada's Festive Season Gift Collection for an array of budgets and variety. From cute little Space Age Bear Tricks (which I acquired one named 'Orsy' last week!) to Jester, Horoscope, Poker inspired key rings and charms, the possibilities of what to give is endless! If anyone is gracious enough to want to give me anything for X'mas, I'd gladly obliged with anything from this collection:-P. Imagine receiving Prada for X'mas, now that will make anyone's day!

The pouches with leather patch skulls are also very cute. Good for small change, keys and mobile phones. I also like the bejewelled long wallets for the girls, most appropriate for bling out holiday season.

So which one would you consider buying for friends or yourself? I made my choice already:-)

Source: Openers Japan


freshmess said...

Thanks for sharing, Kev! I've been looking for clear photos of the bear tricks and one of the two I like is pictured here. Woot!

Shane Bailey said...

I like the jester too, but $320... is too much.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

You are most welcome Mark! So which bear is your favourite?:-P