Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Material Boy #346

Below: I want this YSL Leather Folio... The YSL store in SG do not stock this...such a pity.

Below: Why did I not get this Prada Ruched Leather Clutch when it was in stock?!?! Want this as well!

YSL Leather Folio And Prada Ruched Leather Clutch

I am in my clutch mode yet again. Searching high and low for another clutch bag to take to parties. It is cumbersome to go to parties carrying a tonne of 'baggage'. So clutches makes a lot of sense in these situations and you look great with them while not parted with your belongings.

Here's 2 clutches that I am drolling over...

The YSL Leather Folio is a handsome clutch for a guy. It's understated and structured to hold its shape. The size is just right to hold enough without getting in the way of your drinking and socialising at functions. It will go well for lots of combinations of styles, from casual to formal. Blazer looks, cardigan and shorts, the possibilities is endless. The clean lines of this man clutch also ensures you will not be mistaken carrying a women's handbag. Neither does it make you in the league of all the older genetlemen with their very 'mature' looking clutch bags. This one is chic and modern!

As for the Prada Ruched Leather clutch, the design is more radical. But there are no frilly details to make this too feminine, so a guy can pull this off as well. The leather is divine to touch as what Prada leathers should be. However, since this is from a couple of seasons ago, tracking this arm cnady is going to be a challenge.

I need a clutch! Will update here once I find my perfect 'man' clutch:-)

Source: The Fashionist


Dinesh said...

oh man i REALLY REALLY want that YSL leather folio. any idea how i can get my hands on it ? (:

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Really have no idea, since I have not had luck seeing this in real life as well. I will try to ask at the local YSL store and see if they can get a piece for me from Paris:-) Hahah. Worth a try:-P

lorenzoHKG said...

will Prada come out with the perforated leather clutch for S/S 2010?

W said...

I love the YSL clutch better. It looks more sleek and has better structure.

Anonymous said...

Pleas eupdate us on the YSL folio~ It's amazing!