Wednesday, 25 November 2009

My Shopping Conquests #95

Below: 'Sail' away with my new Topman Skinny Fit Contrast Trim Navy Blazer, off with winter, in comes the cruise looks!

Below: Topman blazers are great for a streamlined fit...perfect for slim guys.
I am wearing it with my Zara Portrait Print V-neck Tee + Croc Embossed Leather Belt, Flippa K Skinny Light Grey Jeans, YSL Y-mail Dog Tag...

Below: What caught my eye was the contrast trimmings on the narrow lapels and the pocket flaps... interesting touch to the otherwise plain blazer:-P

Below: Another cool piece I got... a slim fit Contrast Checks Trim White Shirt. Very cute with the checks pattern trim along the placket, collar and cuffs.

Below: Fit is great for slim guys!

Below: When worn together, I feel I owe myself a luxury cruise liner trip to St. Tropez... any sponsors around??!?

Topman Skinny Fit Contrast Trim Navy Blazer + White Shirt

Topman is for skinny folks like me! Topman is the heaven of fast fashion for guys! Topman has great fitted blazers that will not burn a big hole in your pocket! Topman gives you a birthday treat of 20% discount that is valid a whole month! Topman is love!

Although my birthday is long over...I took advantage of the month long validity of my 20% off birthday voucher and went shopping at Topman, Ion Orchard last weekend. I always like Topman's blazers cos' they fit me like a glove and no alterations need to be done. The cut is very contemporary with a shorter body and very skinny torso. Best part of all, it is so affordable, you can buy many and wear different styles anytime! Of course, do choose wisely to look like a million dollars without looking the price you paid:-)

My shopping expedition to Topman was a success. It left me with 2 great pieces that I would highly recommend. The Skinny Fit Contrast Trim Navy Blazer is one of the best looking blazer designs on the racks now. It has interesting contrast stripes that runs down the narrow lapels and along the flap of the pockets. Distinctive from other plain blazers without overbearing. I always believe good designs lies in the details. The blazer also look more expensive than it should be. The fit, as expected, is skinny and streamlined, perfect to look smart without appearing to hide 2 chickens under your jacket.

Besides the Navy Blazer, I also stumbled upon an 'unintentional' buy...I also get a beautiful Slim Fit Contrast Checks Trim White Shirt. The checks patterned trim adds a charming touch, dandy-ish combined with some Comme Des Garcons aesthetics:-P The checks trimmings also runs along the cuffs and collar which adds visual interest under a blazer.

When worn with the Navy Blazer, I feel I am ready to sail on a luxury cruise liner toward St. Tropez:-) Summery cruise look. A nice pocket square will be ideal for a more dashing touch:-)

Shopping mission completed and happy customer status achieved, I only spend SGD $225 for both cool pieces. What a deal! Afterall, what better feeling than looking smart without overspending much:-)

Source: Topman

Retail price:
1) Skinny Fit Contrast Trim Navy Blazer : SGD $203

2) Slim Fit Contrast Checks Trim White Shirt : SGD $79

Where to buy: Topman at Ion Orchard


p76 said...

saw those pieces.yes. they r gorgeous!

Eclair Au Chocolat said...

Can't wait to have Topman in paris!

hihihi said...

U know Kev, I can only wear a 'M' size of TOPMAN stuff...coz S is too tight with my chest...but M is a bit loose...huh...:(

freshmess said...

you do love blazers! :) topshop is opening in oslo soon. i hope topman's tagging along.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering what are your measurements & size you wear?

I'm pretty skinny myself and it's frustrating because I can never find things at other stores that fits me well, so I usually end up not buying anything. I might have to give Topman a try.

Anonymous said...

I must say, I love these posts and that look! So great. :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thank you E,

I like your blog too. Have added you to my blog list:-P

have a great Thursday!

Mr. Intrecciato said...

Hey kevin nice choice! I am eyeing the same blazer too. But when i put it on, the padded shoulders give me a 'balmain' look especially when i raise my arms up. Do you face the same problem? Is it possible to alter in the shop itself?

XIAN said...

omg going crazy over those pieces! i saw them!!!!!!!!