Tuesday, 8 December 2009

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Below: We learn something new each day... new word 'Heavage'...Confess if you are 'guilty'!:-P

Below: Are you a 'heavage' guy?:-P

Word Of The Day: Heavage... And Other 'A-musings'...

I came across this interesting post on this funny site. Female perspective of men's dressing. It's really funny and 'cut throat'. But I like it, makes me laugh after reading. Enjoy some humour for Tues! First up, a new word for the day...:-) Are you one of the guys who committed the 'Heavage' fashion taboo? This is what the site wrote:

Word du Jour: Heavage
Deep v-neck shirts may make our top 10 worst male fashion offenses, but metrosexual men care not. They've now bared enough chest to create a new word: heavage. It's everything you fear — man cleavage, or when a low-cut or unbuttoned shirt reveals chest hair and pecs.

And here's more... click here for pics to match the descriptors for maximum humour:-) Have any of you committed any of these Worst Male Fashion Offenses as well? I love white shoes and skinny jeans...oops!

10 Worst Male Fashion Offenses

1) Low V-Neck Shirts
While some men can pull off this American-Apparel look, most agree that it's generally offensive.

2) Popped Collars

Hopefully, men are slowly realizing that this is a fashion don't!

3) White Shoes

White shoes were banned from the Australian nightclub. You all want to ban them too.

4) Baggy Jeans

We don't need to see any boxers or butt cracks.

5) Skinny Jeans

So baggy jeans are out, but so are skinny jeans according to you guys. Sounds like men need to find a nice in between fit.

6) 'Manpris' (Male version of capri pants:-P)
Let's choose either shorts or pants, OK?

7) T-Shirts With Stupid Slogans

Nobody's laughing.

8) Ed Hardy

All of you seem to agree that these designs just don't work. But we might be seeing more Ed Hardy – the brand is set to launch a line of baby products.

9) Sideways or Backwards Baseball Hats
It might work with Travis Barker's look, but most of you only want to see a baseball hat worn the correct way.

10) Flip-Flops Worn Anywhere but the Beach

Flip-flops with jeans: not a good look.

So which one do you agree most?:-P For me the pop collars, Ed Hardy and flip flops!

Source: Très Sugar


Anonymous said...


ハヤシホシ said...

Popped collars, "Super baggy" jeans, Ed Hardy, and Baseball hats...

Those fashion offences are rather harsh. If we follow every single one of them, we might end up wearing suits and tie for every single occasions.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hey Anonymous, do you lack a sense of humour?

The article was extracted from the website. I did not write them. I just find it amusing and thought to share the article. U are seriously crazy!

Please read properly before attacking me. I really cannot tolerate people who do not read what was being written.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi ハヤシホシ,

it's meant to be taken with a pinch of salt and laugh. Even the original site who posted this was just poking fun. Dun get too serious about such things.

More for entertainment than something that are to be taken seriously:-P I had a good laugh reading them unlike the anonymous idiot who really believed these. How naive.:-)

pirarara said...

i like ! so hilarious!
anyway, can we do a Singapore version? such as no slippers n singlets and berms in ION and Paragon pls......:(

SE@N said...

I admit that I like just almost everything but "popped collars." I see men wearing them everywhere in BKK.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

They are funny eh? Hahaha. I was laughing away when I read this:-P

LiveLifeLuxe said...

Is that Ed Westwick in the first pic? Absolutely drool-some example of 'heavage'!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes, that's him! Sexy chest:-P

agrasshopper said...

LOL I love this! Thanks for re-posting them. I just read it out LOUD to my bf coz' he's guilty of some. We still cannot agree if his jeans are "baggy" or "regular cut" like he claims!

Jeron said...

I totally agreed with the flip-flops point!!! Can't stand men wearing those around the whole of Orchard Road...yucks!!!!

If the whole world only sell flip-flops, i will have nothing to say. =P