Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #101

Below: A preview of Chanel Fall Winter 2010 bags... Coco Cocoon bag in a new silver hue. Fit for a space age diva!

Below: The electric blue colour is my favourite...

Below: Packable flats in a mesh lace design, which is glamourous and perfect for Parisian shopping getaways!

Below: Thigh high boots always look chic for any leggy beauties!

Below: Love the tweed material in gorgeous heels!

Below: The ultimate seductive heels...

Below: I don't mind the tweed bracelet!

Below: Costume jewellery to finish off any look with some glamour!

Below: Did not see this coming, but goth looking, heavy metal bracelet from the house of Chanel? Luxurious rebel!

Below: The multi-coloured tweed hat reminds of Anne Hathaway in 'The Devil Wears Prada' as she prance on the streets wearing Chanel to the beat of Madonna 'Vogue'...

Chanel Fall Winter 2010 Womens Bags And Accessories

A preview of what to expect from the house of Chanel. Yes, I am talking about the Fall Winter 2010 collection, even when we are just in the midst of stocking up on summer wear.

Lots of tweed materials on accessories such as brooches, bracelets and shoes. I love the heavy weave of the material which adds to a good textural contrast for the fall season. It's also a house signature! And Coco Cocoon bags gets a silver tone and looking more space age than ever. I however love the bright electric blue colour of this 'love or hate' puffy bag. (Price tag is scary even for the nylon versions!)

The shoes are looking promising too, with one pair of packable flats that I think chic women must stock in their travel wardrobe, cos' it's easy and glamourous, especially suited for all your Parisian shopping marathons.

Source: Chanel


snappy said...

Loving these women's bags and only wish men's bags could be this stylish. Great texture and materials used. Very snappy!
snappy x

TPFer said...

Your blog has the best pics and details of upcoming collections! Is that big black camelia a brooch or a ring? xoxo