Sunday, 2 May 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #110

Mulberry Lyon Bags For Guys

For fall, Mulberry will introduce a new family of bags for the boys called Lyon. The range comes in 2 formats, a tote and a fold-over messenger.

Being a fan of totes, I love the way the Lyon Bag achieves a draping silhouette that makes it easy and casual. This practical tote with a zip-top (which some guys love the security of a good closure!) will be a good shopping companion over weekends or to tote around during your travels. The dog clips and D-rings on the side allows you to unclip and expand or change the bag shape. Definitely useful if you want more compartment space. Sizing is also tailored to men, with measurements at 60cm width, 42cm height and 15cm depth. These lovely totes come in materials of smooth touch leather of gunmetal and oak or waxy suede of chocolate. The brass coloured hardware compliments the chocolate suede exceptionally well.

As for pro 'hands-free' guys, a mesenger design will be your option. The fold-over bag design breaks away from the conventional flap construction, hence making it more unusual. Being 39cm in width and 42cm height, you can carry much and yet not look overwhelmed. The adjustable webbing shoulder strap drops up to 80cm, which means you can cross body sling easily!

So any fans already?

Source: Mulberry


Gregory Gabriel Woo said...

The fold-over messenger looks like it might have some man-clutch potential.

Cookie said...

how much would the Messenger bag be??? might even look good on a girl! :)

markthatdesign said...

wow! i like both! such a nice collection. :)