Friday, 7 May 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #114

Givenchy Fall Winter 2010 Ad Campaign

I cannot believe images for Fall Winter Ad Campaigns have started to surface on the internet. The power of online media in this day and age.

With Givenchy slated to open later half of 2010 in Singapore, I wonder how the Singapore store will take to the new Fall Winter 2010 Ad Campaign for the brand. Shot by Mert And Marcus, the new campaign celebrates diversity and pushes the blurring of gender lines. The cast for the campaign includes a transsexual, Lea T. (a Brazilian who used to be Leo) and joined by Mariacarla Boscono, Simon Nessman, Jamie Bochert, Malgosia Bela, Jonathan Marquez, Paolo Rolden, Willy Cartier and Joan Smalls.

To me I love the campaign, especially the styling which sees splashes of eye catching red that draws your attention. Homoerotic content or not, in this liberal day and age it should not matter anymore:) Visual appeal is most paramount.

Source: Homotography, Givenchy


Nico said...

Oh, givenchy. I really appreciate this ad. it's very daring in the casting, but the color scheme is different from the typical givenchy ad. Look! they added color!

so where's Lea T.? I think she's the one in a feathered top.

Anonymous said...

Just for info :
there is no Jamie Brocher
Lea T is the girl in the men's visual