Monday, 7 June 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #128

Moon Napa Cabat Uomo - S$14020

Below: Bitter Calf Backpack - S$4570

Below: (From top down) Moro Marcapunto Calf Duffel - S$3370, Nero Moro Spinnaker Duffel - S$2320

Below: Nero Soft Alligator Suitcase - S$76770

Below: Nero Calf Soft Crocodile Messenger Bag - S$9500

Below: Bottle Shiny Calf L'Informale Bag - S$3860

Below: Ink Shiny Calf L'Informale Bag - S$3860

Below: Nero Calf Ankle Boot - S$1580
(Check out all those fine details...such as the intrecciato engraved zipper pulls!)

Below: Nero Calf Boot - S$1990

Below: Nero Calf Boot - S$2030

Below: Nero Intrecciato Calf Boot - S$1580

Below: Nero Glossy Calf Shoe - S$1190

Below: (From top to bottom) Ink and Bottle Calf Shoe - S$1190, Nero Crocodile Shoe - S$8970

Below: (From top to bottom) Nero Velvet Vernice Shoe - S$920, Nero Moulesine Lapin Hat - S$910

Below: Cashmere Scarf in Dark Brown, Flannel, Midnight Blue - S$1440

Below: Nero Velvet Bow Tie - S$180

Below: China Nero Intrecciato Cervo Nappa Antique Silver Bolo Tie - S$1420

Below: Nero Nappa Intrecciato Antique Silver Necklace - S$850

Below: China Nero Intrecciato Cervo Nappa Antique Silver Bolo Tie - S$1420

Below: (From top to bottom) Antique Silver Bracelet - S$1620 + Intrecciato Antique Silver Bracelet - S$1620, Nero Cuir Antique Silver Bracelet - S$2000

Below: (From top to bottom) Intrecciato Antique Silver Buckle - S$1580 + Nero Crocodile Belt Strap -S$1880, Intrecciato Antique Silver Buckle - S$1580 + Nero Crocodile Belt Strap -S$1880, Intrecciato Antique Silver Buckle - S$1580 + Flannel Cocco Madagascar Belt Strap - S$2030

Below: Antique Silver Ring - S$940, Intrecciato Antique Silver Ring - S$940, Eyewear (Price unavailable)

Below: Bitter Cervo Glove - S$790

Bottega Veneta Fall Winter 2010 Mens Accessories, Shoes and Bags

Fall Winter 2010 is a season for the confident and self assured men. Bottega Veneta presents a collection characterized by assertive elegance and rebel flair, contrasting audacious accessories with clothes of superlative refinement for a provocative edge.

Tough luxe, modern sporty silhouettes and traditional influences are unconventionally paired with defining footwear and vintage inspired accessories.

Weathered British woolens, classic tailored jackets and styles that seem to sprung up from the history pages of old western America makes for an interesting styling twist against the motorcycle/military inspired boots or polished-punk 'creepers' of glossy and crocodile leather.

Those boots are some of the best looking for next Fall season, with zip up versions, lace-up military variants or motorcycle styles even James Dean will take a fancy upon. Bolo ties and quiffs are signature styling for the Bottega Veneta runway, creating a link back to nostalgia and tradition.

Bags came in the form of soft, ultra-lightweight calfskin duffels and backpacks, nylon totes and over-nighters or jewel toned (ink blue and bottle green) carry-all with shoulder strap. You cannot help but covet these lovely arm candies.

I also adore the jewellery, most notable, the chunky antique sterling silver bracelets and the soft overdyed scarfs which adds colour and a rough edge for an otherwise polished look.

“In this collection we wanted to address the different ways men visualize themselves,” says Creative Director Tomas Maier. “Bottega Veneta’s goal is always to expand the vocabulary of men’s wear, to add individuality and expression. So there is sophistication, but also playfulness, bravado, eccentricity, rebelliousness – it all depends on how it’s put together."

Well said! Now who wants a piece of Bottega Veneta next fall? I know I do!

Source: Bottega Veneta


Anonymous said...

The only items worth buying are those motorcycle boots. You can wear those to the club.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

The duffel bag is looking promising! Love the boots!

Loic said...

That's why i love BV..It's very luxurious, in a HERMES way..but less "bourgeois", "bobo"...Very exciting but always the luxe factor..

Jonathan said...

What about the purple jacket and green suede looking jacket? They look awesome. Do you have more photos of those?

mystical said...

I love the green bag and the boots (nice small details...but not special enough for me to warrant that price :P)

Bottega Veneta are kinda pricey compared to other 'fashion' and so called 'luxury' brands aren't they?

chan oi said...

hi there, do they bring in those boots? regards

elf said...

The new 2010 fall items are now in store in the LA store now. So I believe they will also be available in SG and HK. The boots are very comfortable and surprisingly light. The sole is made from Goodyear rubber and construction. Check them out :)

Rich said...

That purple jacket is dope!!! and the Nero calf boots are just sick!! LOVE THEM!!