Friday, 25 June 2010

The Runway Sniper #64

Balmain Homme Spring Summer 2011 Menswear

"The “B” for Balmain motif, half-covered by a rampant tiger, spelled out the once grand Paris couture house that the designer Christophe Decarnin has transformed into a hot property. This new punk-inspired logo on T-shirts, on the back of a hoodie, or on shorts fits right in with the torn jeans that could be worn with a leather jacket trimmed with safety pins. Even if he wants to turn his back on formal wear, Mr. Decarnin needs to look forward, rather than back to those familiar rebel years."
Suzy Menkes, New York Times

Well said, Ms Suzy.

Dear Mr Decarnin, you made your statement with Balmain Homme. We are fully aware of your obsession with biker styles and surplus stores. We know you are very proud of your iconic and exceptionally overpriced jeans that everyone covet. We know you love indulging in moments of nostalgia that you want to share with your fans... but enough is enough... I think for Balmain Homme to survive the fickle minded fashion circuit, I plead for you to move forward as per Ms Suzy's advice. Refresh, reinvent, inspire... it's how you stay fresh in this cut throat and ever evolving industry. How many pairs of biker jeans do you want us to stock in our closets? How many biker jackets, combat boots and 'moth hole' ridden t-shirts can we own? Let us see new ideas from you next season, okay? I have full confidence in your ability to present new styles for Balmain Homme, while retaining the brand's DNA.:-P

PS. I still like your impeccable styling on the collection. May not be revolutionary... but it's what guys love to wear. Especially that 'rocker meets disco' silver jeans!

Source: Slamxhype, WWD


Nico said...

Kevin, you turned your back on Decarnin-meister! just kidding. i think it's time to move forward. but in a corporate point of view, those things work. maybe he's drawn to sales more than innovation for menswear!

set 4 is funny: jock on top, rocker on the bottom. brings back the high school years.

SE@N said...

Amen to that... Too many seasons of the good things is obviously bad. PS: I still want those jeans though :)

seletpoivree said...

Suzy Menkes said it all. Amen.