Friday, 30 July 2010

The Material Boy #405

Below: Alexander Mcqueen Swarovski-embellished double skull ring: £106 (without VAT)

Below: Alexander Mcqueen Swarovski-embellished Skull and Bee ring
: £132 (without VAT)

Below: Alexander McQueen Brass and pearl skull ring: £128 (without VAT)

Below: Alexander McQueen Leopard skull silk-chiffon scarf: £260 (without VAT)

Alexander McQueen Skull Rings And Scarf : Macabre Chic

There has always been a fascination in skulls when it comes to fashion. Rock stars dig it. Fashionistas love it. Skulls and dark themes somehow add a dangerous edge to the persona, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue.

I used to shun away from 'deathly' associations for my dressing, some part superstition, some part disinterest in darkly looks. But lately, Alexander McQueen's 'rendition' of skulls has grown on me. Call it a side effect of age?!?!? (Growing older does make you contemplate the inevitable end...but perhaps more in the name of fashion:-P)

Alexander McQueen has always adopted the skull motif as part of his designs, evident in his ever popular skull print scarves that adorns the necks of fashion forward folks all over the work. Dearly departed McQueen may be gone, you may have rushed to grab as many of his pieces to save a part of his legacy in your wardrobe... I am still searching for mine. Last season, I had wanted the skull motifs scarves. That got overwhelmingly popular and 'mass', I decided to wait.

This season, I spotted these skull motif rings which may just do the trick. Commendable are the way the skulls are being woven into the design of the rings and not just stuck on as an after thought. The facing twin skulls is my favourite, as does the bee on the skull version. Something small, timeless and very McQueen to remind you of the genius that left fashion too early.

Having said that, if I change my mind on rings, there is still the leopard print scarf to fall back on. Wait to take the plunge anytime soon:-P

so what will you pick?

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Anonymous said...

I think the enamelled version of the first ring looks better. But nonetheless, all the skull rings rock! But too bad On Pedder don't bring in the large sizes for guys. Ended up having to call the flagship boutiques overseas to mail order it.