Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Runway Sniper #66

Below: It's about time, guys get a chance to wear big jewellery! Lanvin's men for Spring Summer 2011 are not afraid of oversize neck embellishments! Love the first choker... simply definitive and strong!

Below: Lanvin Spring Summer 2011 surprises with sportive/sartorial styles with severe and strong accessories, most notable are the jewellery and shoes. Love everything from the collection!

Lanvin Fall Winter 2011 Mens Jewelery

"When women can wear pants, men can wear jewelry," Alber Elbaz

It's about time. Women have been 'stealing' from mens closet since 'fashion prehistoric' times so it is only fair that men starts borrowing some back.

Chunky jewellery has seldom been the forte of even the most stylish men. Modern male styles are often more understated and usually a ring or watch is as good as it gets before you become a Christmas tree. But Lanvin challenges that notion and makes a definitive statement for Spring Summer 2011. Sent down the runway are over sized and outstanding jewellery (necklace, chokers and rings) which looked severe and tribal. These huge male embellishments reinforces a certain warrior spirit that exemplifies masculinity and power. In a good way, the new Lanvin men has officially been aligned closer to the women's collection where jewellery has been the focal point for the past 2 seasons.

Check out that huge metal choker (almost looking like a piece of armor). Definitive and strong. I will wear that in a heartbeat and I foresee all these male jewellery being in hot pursuit next year.

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