Thursday, 12 August 2010

My Shopping Conquest #108

Below: Net-a-porter has the best packaging for online shopping! Almost like receiving a gift for oneself:-P

Below: 'Mr Hatman' has arrived! Fly to the moon!:-P

Below: My new metal disc belt from Isabel Marant! Have been trying to locate a metal belt fit for jeans ever since I miss out on Balmain's Fall Winter 2009 version...

Below: Works great with dark denim... and very lightweight to wear or bring along while travelling:-P

Below: The galvanised silver brass lends a more casual glamour style rather than polished metal versions:-P

Below: Managed to shorten the belt myself! Now it fits perfect!

Below: This belt is widely featured in Isabel Marant's Fall Winter 2010 runway looks...

Below: A great alternative to Balmain Homme's Fall Winter 2009 metal chain version...

Isabel Marant Fall Winter 2010 Silver Tone Disc Belt

I had been searching for a silver metal belt, like that from Balmain Homme Fall Winter 2009 (see pic above), that worked as well with jeans as does pants. Alas, I was cheapskate and did not want to pay the full retail at Club 21 Mens, Four Seasons Hotel then. The belt was sold out before the end of seasons sale and I lost my chance to own that. So this Fall Winter 2010 season, when I saw Isabel Marant's version of the silver metal belt on (unfortunately Blackjack in Singapore do not stock this belt), part leather and part galvanised brass, I knew it will make a great alternative to the Balmain version (my Gucci version somehow seems too formal so that do not count).

I placed my order and the belt arrived hassle free with Net-a-porter's speedy delivery a couple of weeks back. I had originally wanted to return the belt as it was still too long for me despite being the smallest size available. Fortunately, I found a way to dislodge the connecting metal discs and successfully DIY and shorten the belt to my size! Kudos to a bit of 'desperation induced' thinking. Love the glamour and bling when worn with dark denim, and it's light to bring abroad too!

Retail price: £286.86 (approx. SGD 602). Where to buy:


Foxie said...

Congrats! I loved the men's Balmain but I never had the chance to locate one. Hermes makes a similar version for close to usd 3K though. I was looking at the same belt from IM, but I wonder what size I would take...I think it would go well with my new Balmain peacoat lol...or maybe I should track down the belt with the metallic hoops...any thoughts?

jonas said...

Very nice!

I want your Gucci belt so badly.. :(

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hey Foxie,

the metal disc can be pry open slightly to detached and shorten to desired length. So any length should be fine if you know how.

I am a size 28 waist and I wear size 1.

freshmess said...

Oh my god your waist measures 28?! Hate you! LOL.
Congrats, that's a great looking belt. But is it heavy?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Mark,

I wish I am size's better for a guy! I need more mass and muscles:-P

The belt is very light despite being almost full metal. SO that's a plus point. But I do wish the leather strap is made of thicker leather. I guess that adds to the weight if it does.


freshmess said...

I wish I could go back to 30! I need less mass and love handles. LOL! I hope the thin leather is not detrimental to the quality of the product. Enjoy wearing it! Happy weekend!