Friday, 24 September 2010

My MANy Bags News #264

Braun CruZer and BodycruZer Stylers - Illegally Hot Styling

There are cheesy ads and then there's this TV commercial from Braun (master manufacturer of styling and shaving devices) that tops the list as my most corny ads ever. However, being imbued with larges does of hotness, sex appeal (from the so hot and cute male model Gonzalo Teixeira), it is sometimes 'legal' to pay a visit to 'tackyville'. Who thought of the idea?!?! Boo to you for that, but thumbs up to you for the gorgeous male cast. Having a major nose bleed now...

Happy Friday everyone...eye candy time!

(If you enjoyed this commercial, check out another hottie from my previous post here)

Source: Braun

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