Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #173

Below: Lanvin x H&M Menswear due to be launched on November 23... Love those metallic purple lace-ups! The trench is a must buy too:-P

Below: Jersey pants? Cropped blazers with ribbon trim? So Lanvin! I love the casual and yet refined chic of the collection:-P

Below: I want the oversized bow tie and flower pin:-P

Below: Lanvin is synonymous with leopard print...so that top is a must have!:-P

Below: Dandy styles in a much less uptight way...love the bow tie again:-P

Below: Silhouettes are not as slim fitted as recent seasons... they are more reminiscent of early Lanvin menswear when it first started:-P The tuxedo is a key piece for any Lanvin fans...

Below: There's even a navy overcoat with gold accent buttons...and stripe scarf. Sailor chic? :-P

Lanvin x H&M Fall Winter 2010 Menswear

Finally, images of the much awaited Lanvin and H&M collection due for launch on 23 November are surfacing around the web. To the delight of all male Lanvin fans, menswear was included in this capsule collection and thru the lookbook, Lanvin's aesthetics was not at all compromised despite the lower price tag attached to the H&M collaboration pieces.

I would say the looks are more reminiscent of early Lanvin, where dandy spirit is exemplified thru modern interpretation of classic pieces. The recent Lanvin mens collections are tougher and darker. This H&M collection captures the early 'playfulness' and dandy spirit of french boys that Lanvin has always fancied.

Footwear with metallic accents and materials were almost firstly adopted by Lanvin and we see this H&M collaboration sending out beautiful pairs of lace-ups in metallic purples and blues! (I want!) The bow-ties are oversized, taking on the mainline's direction, while the slightly 'dishevelled' chic ever present in Lanvin menswear are also replicated. All in all, I cannot see the difference in the design direction, so it is good job on Lanvin for bringing their vision more affordable to their fans! Lanvin enthusiasts will be very very pleased.

I am unable to exactly decipher the material used for the pieces, but from initial looks, I see jersey cotton materials used in jackets(?) and jogging pants which is perhaps one of the reasons Lanvin and H&M can bring down the manufacturing costs and hence the pricing. It's one of those materials that Lanvin has been using all along so I applaud them for using this less expensive material rather than sacrificing on design. I love the trench coat, cropped blazers with ribbon trim and the leopard top which screams Lanvin without the huge price tag!

Extracts of GQ's interview with Lucas Ossendrijver (For full interview, read here)

"We didn't want it to be like a second line, a Lanvin-B. We didn't want to go in their direction; we didn't want to "do H&M". We thought actually that they would have to go high-end, instead of [us] going lower. We thought about the collection and what it should be. We actually thought the way when we started the menswear five years ago: really not to think of it as a fashion collection but more of a wardrobe. For every time of the day, for every occasion, there's a garment. We wanted to apply the same idea to H&M. It's really about wardrobe essentials for every time of the day. So there's a raincoat, there's a suit, there's some shirts, there's knitwear, accessories, shoes, ties, bowties. There's a single-breasted, a double-breasted, a tuxedo, a shawl collar. Everything is there. [chuckles] It's complete. It's really thought of as a wardrobe that can be mixed together."

And speaking of not comprimising on Lanvin's designs... Lanvin has even developed fabrics exclusively for this collaboration, right down to the laser cut techniques employed by the main line.

"We developed fabrics for them. I was really surprised actually that we had the possibility to do that because I was expecting a little bit more difficulty in adapting to their system. Are there laser-cut seams? There are actually! But I think it's only on the womenswear."

For all this effort and creativity,
you just need to fork out prices ranging from £14.99 for a T-shirt to £149.99 for a suit. And we are talking about Lanvin! It's a crime not to buy if you have the chance!

Someone...please please help me get some Lanvin x H&M pieces later in the month! I love the looks, especially the accessories:-) Such French charm (even the model has a moustache):-P

Source: H&M


IB said...

am flying to hk on the a day before the preview. do let me know if you're keen on certain pieces. x

rizalman atelier said...

i'll be arriving in paris on25th from milan..the suits is really to die for! do let me know ya. do they have h&m in milan?

YUAN L ZAHIR said...

help me get some too (;