Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Material Boy #422

Below: Check out Christian Louboutin's new Denim Rollerboy Spikes for Spring Summer 2011!

Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2011 Denim Rollerball Spikes

I have been a fan of the Rollerboy ever since I spotted so many celebrities wearing the famed spikes loafers, such as the very cute Brad Goreski of Rachel Zoe Project fame (who till this day, is in my opinion, the guy who pull off the shoe most outstandingly!) I had wanted to grab the black leather version, but the price and the quick sell out and deter me from getting my hands on this elusive shoe.

Fret not, next Spring Summer 2011, Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spikes not only make a return, but it will be available in denim fabric! More casual than its leather 'siblings', this denim fabric version combined with a wooden coloured sole makes a perfect companion amidst summer heat. Impeccable for dressing down but still showing off that grunge attitude. This instantly makes it to my 'must have' list for next Spring Summer 2011. I have dreamed and wished for wood coloured sole to be introduced to Rollerboy designs, after seeing how it looked amazing on the white studded Freddy Flats... my prayers have been answered now! Love, love, love!

Source: Christian Louboutin

Retail price: USD1045 (womens), USD1245 (mens). Where to buy:
Christian Louboutin


tedore said...

Giacomorelli is also a very nice, but much more afordable than Louboutin.

That proves how much you pay for a ( name (signature)

Sid said...

these are lovely. i know these are made for men but im thinking of buying some plain loafers and studding them.

Shane Bailey said...

spike me! spike me! I'm planning on getting the louis sneaker for this sean (spies on suede) since I miss the one from summer. But now I need do some more pondering ... the sneaker or this loafers ?

SE@N said...

I die and gone to shoes heaven... said...

Mine. Done.