Thursday, 18 November 2010

My MANy Bags News #283

Below: Do your part for charity with these whimsical and fun totes and t-shirt from Marni!

(Front of tote bag)

Below: A few designs for the back of tote bag to choose from...

Below: Get your hands on this cute t-shirt too!

Marni Charity Bags And T-shirts

The festive season is here! Christmas and New Year is the time for giving and sharing:-) For fashion fans, Marni is offering you a chance to help the less fortunate just by doing what you do best, shopping!

In a yearly effort to celebrate childhood and nurture youthful creative freedom, MARNI has again collaborated on a special project co-designed by children from around the world. Children of all ages from underprivileged communities in South America and East Asia were invited to draw a story about an imaginary world. Their optimistic thoughts are then translated into whimsical images and printed on canvas and assembled with vintage Marni fabrics to create one of a kind utilitarian tote bags. The back of the tote bag feature a few designs, so you get 2 different interesting graphics on each side of the bag. Love the check pattern version!

These limited edition CHILDREN’S IMAGINARY WORLD tote bags will be sold exclusively in MARNI boutiques and at the MARNI Virtual Store. Proceeds will contribute to educational and developmental programs in schools and hospitals with the wish to encourage learning, explore creativity and raise hopes for a wonderful future. The tote bag and t-shirt will both be retailing for SGD230 each.

Do you part to help the children:-) I love those colourful totes that brings a happy mood not only aesthetically but also emotionally, as you know you help children in your own special way!

Contact Marni Boutiques in Singapore for more details:
Unit 02-28, Hilton Hotel, Tel: 6735 3118
Unit 01-06, Paragon, Tel: 6304 1348

(Charity Bags are available at Marni Hilton & Marni Paragon while the Charity T-shirts are available only at Marni Paragon.)

Source: Marni via Club 21 Global

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