Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #204

Below: New faces for Burberry's March 2011 Advertising Campaign: Tali Lennox (daughter of
Annie Lennox) and Tara Ferry, son of singer, songwriter, Bryan Ferry

Burberry Unveils New Ad Campaign For March 2011 - Burberry Exotic Icons

Spring Summer 2011 season presses on. Yet another new month has arrived and Burberry unveils new advertising campaign images, this time featuring March couple, Tali Lennox and Tara Ferry. If you have sensed that their family names bears some familarity, you are right. Well, both came from celebrity origins, Tali being the daughter of Annie Lennox and Tara being the son of Bryan Ferry (an English singer, musician, and songwriter).

This is a continuation of Burberry's dynamic campaign with new content and cast members each month. This monthly theme is Burberry Exotic Icons and this is the first big ad campaign for both Tara and Tali!

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Source: Burberry

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