Sunday, 8 May 2011

My Bag Collection #61

Below: I found my perfect travel 'Day Bag'! Thumbs up for the light-weight and versatile P
rada Tessuto Stampato Nylon Shopping Tote!
Below: Gorgeous arabic geometric print on thick nylon material with blue nylon lining and a generous internal zip pocket. Can hold quite a good amount of weight for sure:-) Wrinkle resistant and light!
Below: Me with my new Prada Tote... and the brown version is featured in the latest issue of UOMO Japan magazine! Casual or smart, it goes all ways:-P (I am wearing a SHIPS (Japanese brand) gingham checks cotton jersey panel effect shirt with Neil Barrett and Miu Miu Badges, Topman Skinny Carrot Pants, Raf Simons Dip Dye Trainers, Hermés Rivale Double Tour Bracelet.)

The Perfect 'Travel' Day Bag: Prada Tessuto Stampato Nylon Shopping Tote

Making short trips over weekend is one of the best joys to motivate you to get thru gruelling work weeks. Yes, we live for the weekends. So if you are gonna be travelling short getaways, always make sure, you travel in style and most importantly, travel light. There's no point in getting relaxed if you constantly got weighed down by all the heavy luggage you have.

A good light-weight luggage will reduce a significant amount of the burden. More people pay attention to that now. But what we usually conveniently ignore most times... is the Day Bag which will probably see more light than your designer trolley case or duffel bag. That is why finding a light but aesthetically appealing 'day' bag becomes a top priority. A bag that is no frills, fits all styles, wrinkle resistant, compact, light-weight, dirt resistant, durable and fabulous no matter where are paramount requisites for my search.

A tall order? Not if you have this Spring Summer 2011 offering from Prada! I found all these qualities in this Prada Tessuto Stampato Nylon Shopping Tote:-) I love the arabic themed geometric prints, the handy but roomy size, the durable lightweight nylon (the nylon is dual layer inclusive of the lining, so it can take quite a good amount of weight!) and versatile blue colour may make this my perfect travel 'Day Bag'. It can be worn casual or formal (have seen a guy wearing a smart suit with the bag and looking immaculately refined) This bag came just in time to save the day as my very old canvas Prada tote in Brown is due for retirement soon.

Costing only THB11500 (approx. SGD$470 after VAT refund) in Bangkok... this is affordable luxury (Check out the swanky Prada metal emblem on the bottom corner!) with many mileage potential to make the investment even more worthwhile.

Below: Comes in other colours and patterns too!
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I took the bag out for a spin quite a couple of trips already. Very handy. I know Mr Edward approves, he loves 'hanging' by his new bag too:-P

Source: Saks, myMANybags


dolphinhl said...

LOVE! :)

tedore said...

you choose the loveliest one from all Prada Tessuto Stampato nylon shopping tote:)

Pana said...

Like the way you wear the bag :)

Marcusjun said...

if you are going to Hk you could pop by their flagship store at Alexandra house they have the brown bag but only 1 piece left. But at macau 4 seasons they have 3 designs and 3 piece each design.

And it is cheaper.... with our currency vs theirs , its $380 , HKD $2400.