Monday, 8 April 2013

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #284

Below: Christian Louboutin is more than just spikes and studs... Check out their more 'subdued' designs that are equally enticing. I love the colours for this Spring Summer 2013... such as this Louis Mens Flat in Blue, Red and White Vichy Checks...

Below: For spikes and studs fans... the new Ironito and Tyronito designs are sure to satisfy the exhibitionist in you!

Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2013 Mens Shoes (Part 3)

After many seasons of spikes and more spikes, I believe some of you are getting weary of these ‘menacing’ but edgy details on mens footwear. Christian Louboutin has pushed mens shoe design into a new level of desirability but the brand has somewhat been stereotpyed that they only produce ‘spiked’ shoes.

But do look beyond all the Rollerboy and Louis Flat Spikes next time you are in their stores... check out the other more ‘regular’ versions which have equally enticing merits of their own. For this Spring Summer 2013, I love the Louis Mens Flat in Blue, Red and White Vichy fabric (USD795) accented with a metallic blue leather panel on the back. Don’t you just feel a surge of summer fun with all the colourful checks pattern? I do!

Also pay attention to the hybrid style of espadrilles and leather lace-ups in the new Espafred (USD565). Classic black leather shoes lifted from boredom and injected with a cool summer vibe. Perfect for those vacations you have up your sleeves in the coming months.

If spikes is still your game, try out a more casual version with the new Louis Junior Spikes (USD845). Fashioned like ‘Converse Chuck Taylors’ but with multi-coloured suede and leather panels (Purple and red) and a tone on tone white spiked captoe. I truly love the colourful splatter print leather panels on the back that gives the shoes an extra visual appeal.

Last but not least, if subtlety is somewhat not in your fashion DNA... Worry not, you can always count on Christian Louboutin to get people stopping in their tracks. The new Ironito (beige and gold: USD2595) and Tyronito (black lace-ups version: USD1675) are 2 new designs that feature ‘pik pik’ style spikes on the captoe. These menacing looking shoes are glamourous and yet statement making enough for any fashion exhibitionist in you.

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Source: Christian Louboutin


Kinga said...

First shoes are cool!

Zhihong said...

do you know when these ss13 shoes will hit the ngee ann store? and if its possible to order through the store? cos no luck using freight forwarders on the official site