Sunday, 2 March 2008

My Bag Collection #18

Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Broadway Bag (SOLD)

At last, a post on Louis Vuitton:-) Do you think a bag fanatic like me will pass up on owning anything from the infamous Louis Vuitton? Well...I guess I once suffered from monogram addiction and fell in love with the Damier checks from LV. I prefer the check pattern more than the regular monogram(however, some items look good with the regular monogram).

A handy and stylish messenger bag with the option of carrying it by the top handle or the shoulder strap. 2 front pockets and a reasonably large main compartment should keep all your belongings well sorted at all times. There is also a key ring in the main compartment for those who do not like to fumble for their keys. One drawback for this bag is that the leather strap fastening of the bag is very troublesome. They should have done a magnetic clasp for easy access to the inside of the bag.

I bought this bag way back when Marc Jacobs first came on board Louis Vuitton and started his huge following since then. This was a classic design and till now, it is still available in their Damier canvas range. However, there are a couple of differences between my older version and the new one. First change is the colour of the fabric lining. Mine was bright red (which I much preferred!) but now it is brown. And the shoulder strap for my Broadway Bag has no 'Louis Vuitton' woven onto the strap. The new version has that.

Truth to tell, I have only use this bag once. It seems my monogram and Louis Vuitton addiction comes as fast and leaves just as fast. Now, I prefer bags with simple branding and pure leather:-P Nevertheless, this is still a nice bag and the price just goes up every year (which is rare for fashion items. BTW, I got mine for about SGD $1550 back then). Sound investment? hahaha.

Retail price: approx SGD $1700. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutique at Ngee Ann City


From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

lovely bag! maybe you should sell it to me and get other bags you really covet. ;)

Kevin said...

Good suggestion.:-P hehe. I will give the idea some thought for sure. I also have a naviglio bag in brown damier canvas which seen more uses. Will post that bag soon. Again, it is red lining:-) I wonder why LV changes the red colour. that is so much more exciting with a splash of red.

the Swede said...

Just found your blog. Very interesting, good writing, many different brands. And like that you look at mens bags with an open mind, like the gender bending thing.
I'll be back.

Kevin said...

Thank you, the swede:-)

Yeah, I am constantly on the lookout for bags that works both genders. Always felt there is a certain confidence and unique style that can be achieved if you can pull off certain women's bags. And truth to tell, women bag designs are so much more exciting. Having said that, have to be careful in order not to end up with a purse:-P

uclaboi said...

I'm a guy, and I own a bag from Bottega Veneta's women collection (salmon-color corallo ostrich intrecciato milano bag). I think it's all about how you carry yourself and your confidence. Love your blog, Kev.

Kevin said...

thank you:-) Hope you will continue to check out my blog. I always update my shopping finds here.:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, i want absolutly this bag, i want to buy your. Let me know your price please!!

anthony said...

Hey, i want to buy this bag, please give me your price?

Kevin said...

I hope to sort out a list of bags I am willing to part soon. Will update here. Thanks for the interest:-P