Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #220

Below: With this much of good designs... be ready to fall in love with many of Coach's Fall Winter 2011 mens bags... I know I did... at least these 6 as seen below!

Coach Fall Winter 2011 Mens Bags

Here's more pictures I got from the Coach Fall Winter 2011 press kit I received a week ago. I have to admit, beyond the selection I saw in the showroom... my 'wandering eyes' have also set my heart 'aflutter' to these other designs which I am absolutely loving.

Coach is going ultra masculine with their mens range next season, with a huge focus on utilitarian and functional designs. All the bags featured in the Fall Winter 2011 catalogue made for such user friendly daily companions to hold documents, travel essentials or pretty much anything. I love the duality of both hand grips and shoulder straps in most bags which is most ideal for ease of movement in our urban lifestyle.

Here's a few of my favourites (From top down):

1) Portfolio cases are one of my obsession as does clutches. I don't know why... but I always find guys with minimal to carry very confident and suave. Perhaps by not being burdened by big bags, they send off a vibe of relaxed charm. I am impressed with people who can operate with minimal, a 'feat' which I am still trying to achieve. So these Crosby Portfolio cases are hot on my want list. The Crosby collection is a new range for Fall Winter 2011 and the most elevated out of the entire Coach family of Mens' bags. Everything is top of the line. From the extraordinary natural-grained Italian leather to the Soft Port leather trims to (Indulgent!) 14K gold plated custom hardware, the materials says it all. The authentic crocodile version shown above simply seals the deal for me... finished with just the right amount of metal buckle hardware for a sophistcated and uncluttered look. A Power executive's must have!

2) Besides the Crosby Portfolios... I also love that Crosby Soft Briefcase in deep green leather. Very roomy and classically alluring with subtle gold foil branding. The perfect companion to the office, business trips and even for the gym.

3) Every guy needs a messenger bag. A leather one is the best. These Bleecker Legacy Couriers are such handsome bags, they are ideal for the executives who wants to be taken seriously. No longer will you be mistaken for a 'refuse-to-grow up' high schooler when you sling these over yourself. The minimal design in Soft Port leather, sometimes burnished to showcase the natural beauty of the leather hide evokes a vintage charm while boosting your professional image. I love the tan colour version the best. Hands free days is thumbs up for commuting about our hectic urban lifestyle.

4) But if you need a bigger bag because you are those guys who brings everything, then this Rivington Quilted Tote in black light-weight Italian leather is your answer. I love the quilted design, giving it a Fall Winter feeling of protection. The size will hold anything, and the shoulder strap and long hand strap options let you cross body, hand carry or shoulder sling the bag. Talk about versatility.

5) Besides leathers and canvas, bags exists in other materials as well. How apt for Coach to use Wool Fabrics with graphic patterns to create some of their most interesting Fall Winter designs. I love this Stripe Wool Utility Tote. Needless to say, I was instantly taken in by the pattern on the wool material, very masculine and dandy-ish, a comfy bag to hug for cold winter days:-)

6) If having just interesting wool fabrics alone is not enough for your bags... turn to Coach's new Reversible totes for double the bag fun. This range is literally 2 bags in one for you to reverse to the look you deem most fitting for your mood that day. This smart' ticking stripe grey wool' version shown above on this Wool Reversible Tote gets my vote. Simple, no frills and yet versatile for any situation... from boardroom chic to downtown relaxed. Best part is, if you get tired of the bag at any time, flip and you get to refresh the look! I love choices and this bag gives you just that.

Fall Winter 2011 is looking very promising for Coach's Mens Range. I have already seen Japanese magazines featuring the collection like crazy in the latest issues of UOMO and Leon. If the Japanese loves it, you can be sure that meant something:-)

Source: Coach

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