Sunday, 27 January 2008

The Material Boy #02

Prada Phone Silver?

I happened upon the silver version of the Prada phone while browsing Oh my..stunning...wonder how the silver translates in reality, is it reflective? is it matt? but I sure am loving the silver leather case.:-)

However, this is one beauty lacking 'brains' to match. Phone functions are very basic. More aesthetic than substance. Anyone wants to buy my black version?


shoe-holic said...

The novelty wore off already. Don't think i will be able cash this baby out. Not even at Cash Converters I think. ;-) ha ha. I still remember how it raises the aplomb of being in the forefront of fashion and technology at the same time;-)

Kevin said...

Now it is a sad little piece of gadget that is fighting to survive in the fast moving world of mobile technology! At least iphone can still maintain its technological edge for a couple more years.

Mine's sitting on the shelf collecting dust now:-(