Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Material Boy #03

Miu Miu Leather Brogues

Check out this pair of leather brogues from Miu Miu, round toe, beautiful aged leather and a nice wooden sole. Perfect for summer. With Miu Miu menswear discontinued after spring 2008 season, and considering how scarce Miu Miu is thruoughout the world, this will probably be the last chance to get shoes from this brand. I am seriously tempted. Hmmm...now to just make up the mind whether to order it from this new website I encountered online and most importantly, find a space to store this amongst my many pairs of unworn shoes:-(

Retail price: UK 275 pounds. Where to buy: www.start-london.com


shoe-holic said...

Saw this pair in Club21 Bangkok last year. nice details but the finishing isn't that great, at least the pair that i tried on.

Got another pair instead when i was in London last Oct. Laceless pebbled leather slip-ons. THe pebbled leather has a shimmer to it. Very chic. It goes nicely with either a business or casual get-up.

Kevin said...

Nice:-) from the description you wrote:-) U are a real shoe fan! hehe.

this pair of brogues is from Spring summer 2008....at least from the website I got the info from. They look vintage.:-)

shoe-holic said...

Miu Miu Alert.


Gorgeous.....too bad i don't like buying stuff online.

Kevin said...

hmm...I know why you feel that way about online purchase...I too am getting less and less in favour of that. I cannot try the item so there is a chance I may not like what I bought. But on certain occasions, online shopping gets you one of a kind items that you cannot find in Singapore. I dun mind buying bags or t-shirts online. But I will ensure I am familiar with the brand's sizing before I go thru online purchase.