Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Material Boy #04

Mulberry Large Roxanne Tote

Cool. Another women's bag design upsized:-) Hmmm..could be a chance to be suitable as a man bag as well....hopefully the handles are long enough to sling over shoulders and comes in other leathers instead of patent. Looking great. Will update as soon as there's news about this new 'bag candy'!

Update #01
As soon as I posted this blog entry, I checked Mulberry and yes, more pics of this beauty! And yes, I was right, it can be used as a man bag! Hurray! www.mulberry.com only posted price for the small version...I think this large version will probably cost more. It's made of vinyl instead of patent leather. But I am loving it, especially the blue version. Way cool! I think I better call the Mulberry Store to enquire more. I love it! Excited now! :-) More pics...

Update #02
Finally called up Mulberry Boutique and yes, this lovely Roxanne Tote is coming in for singapore's market. All 4 colours! yeah! And apparently, there is only one size for this bag, at a hefty 49cm. The price is UK 395 pounds. Equivalent to approx. SGD$1125. However, this is not leather you are buying. It's vinyl. Oh well, will have to feel the material before deciding whether to purchase or not. But this is one hot bag I am eyeing. Price is good as well. and with 4 colours to choose from...better start planning now. hahaha.

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