Friday, 8 February 2008

Gender Bender #03

Stella McCartney Appaloosa Large Tote

I seldom pay attention to an all exclusive womenswear designer like Stella McCartney as the impression I get from them is their designs will be way too girly. However, I have been bored with man bag designs lately and have picked up the courage to carry 'gender bending' bags these days. So while browsing thru, a womenswear website based in UK, I spotted this very beautiful large tote bag in taupe. Perfect size to be used by a guy(20 inches wide and 15 inches high). Perfect colour for summer. and the customised gold hardware makes it look exclusive, not just simple D rings or buckle designs that everyone is using. And to top it off...comes with a removable shoulder strap...which for me these days is a must requirement since I love the idea of being able to sling and tote my bag around. Furthurmore, there is a little coin pouch attached by a nice gold chain that can come in handy with loose change. The only thing girly about this bag is the large round zipper pull marked with Stella McCartney, since she only does if anyone sees you carrying this around, they know this is a ladies bag. :-) but who's is subtle enough so I see no problem. ships worldwide...hmm....I am very tempted now. BTW, I respect Stella McCartney's philosophy of not using any animal related materials as she is a vegetarian and she is preaching what she believes. I totally support her and that changed my perception of the brand greatly. Hope one day she will expand into menswear. Maybe under a different name...more masculine sounding name perhaps. Meanwhile..I will be happy carrying this gorgeous bag around.

Retail Price: UK 532.72 pounds (excluding shipping). Where to buy:

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