Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Material Boy #14

Tod's Leather/Nylon Bags

I am beginning to fall in love with Tod's range of nylon bags. Nylon bags are great for travelling since they are light weight and durable. And I like travel bags with lots of exterior pockets and zippers so I do not have to dig into the bag to look for documents and especially my wallet and mobile phone.

Prada has been doing nylon bags for a long time, but there are so many knock offs all over the world that you feel like you are carrying a fake bag even though you paid big bucks for it. So Tod's is the perfect choice for an exclusive nylon bag that fits all your travel needs.

The Besace Messenger bag (costs US$875) is simple and functional in design. The computer bag and roomy duffle bag has the option of carrying by the leather handle or shoulder strap. These bags have timeless design and user friendly exterior front zipper pockets. The bags will stand the rigours of travelling for a long time. Personally, I prefer an all black version rather than the brown one.

Will check out the Tod's stores here this weekend.:-P


bagcraze said...

i've been glancing on some of tod's bags lately, but honestly i still won't pay that much for a nylon bag L(
i've seen some cute nylon bags from zara, i'll stand on leather for designer bags :)

Kevin said...

yes, leather will always be a better option. Nylon is never as luxurious and nice as leather. I feel nylon bags are great for travelling. Lightweight(most important) and you dun have to worry about the bag.:-) So Tod's fits the bill!:-P