Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Material Boy #15

Kris Van Assche Sneakers

My search for a pair of white high tops continues...

Look what I found! Check out this two pairs of sneakers:-) I find the non uniform shoe lace position and the asymmetric detailing on the shoe very interesting and unique. The contrast leather/suede patches ( I think it is suede on the high tops and silver leather on the low cut sneaker) on the cap toe and sides adds a nice touch to the overall design. There is even a 'drawstring' feature on the back of the sneakers.

It looks 'messy' but yet it is 'organised'. Kris Van Assche has assumed the role of Dior Homme's creative director, but I feel he has yet to achieve the same aesthetic appeal as what Slimane had done. Furthurmore, I was not a fan of Kris Van Assche's own collection either. His looks were too sartorial but yet casual...and neither here nor there. But somehow, when you pull apart the pieces from his collection, they actually worked! It looks great when you matched his items with other designer pieces. His designs has a certain interest and surprise that adds a flair to your dressing.

The website I found these sneakers is based in Germany, Berlin and only has German language. So I am not sure if they accept online orders. Hopefully, Club 21 Mens will carry these sneakers in their store.

Get these sneakers at Club 21 Men's store now! They have the high cut version in Platinum (SGD $799) and the low cut version (Suede and silver leather at SGD $669) exactly as featured in the pic above.

Retail price: Euro $319 (High tops), Euro $275 (Low cut). Where to buy: www.mientus.com


alvin! said...

oh my god these are made of brilliance. so does club 21 stock them?

Kevin said...

Hi Alvin, I have no idea if these make it to the shelves here in Singapore. Club 21 mens do carry Kris Van Assche. Will need to check with them if they will bring in the shoes. I will check with the buyer tommorrow and let you know:-) Yeah, I thought those sneakers are way cool!