Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Material Boy #19

Marni 'Eco' Leather Shopper

A roomy, elegant leather large tote that scores big on looks as well as functionality:-) It will probably hold all your belongings and leave room for more(shopping finds maybe?:-). What draws me to this bag is the leather and colour. Seems to have some patchy black amidst the rich chocolate brown (Marni website named the colour as Black appropriate) so it creates an interesting colour tone to the bag. Embellished with only 2 darts on the sides and small metal studs for the handles, it is uncluttered and will not erode any 'masculinity' along the way. Some men are afraid of details:-P Internal zipper pocket allows safekeeping for your keys and wallets.

(There seems to be a tri-colour version as a variant for the ladies.)

Retail price: US$640. Where to buy:


Overpriced Designer Man Bag said...

Eco leather. Pfft.h

bagcraze said...

oh, i love this bag! and well priced too IMO

Kevin said...

Yeah, I wonder what is Eco about leather.:-)Hehe. The website lists it as (quote)"Large open shopping bag in eco-leather, with polished leather effect." Strange eh?

and Bag Craze, yes...this bag is lovely! Have you seen the ladies version yet? It has a tri colour. Very quirky! check it out!