Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Material Boy #26

Balenciaga and other 'Open-Toe' Gladiator Boots

At last, a pic of my most 'sought after, coveted' footwear of Spring Summer 2008. The elusive and very expensive Balenciaga 'Open-Toe' Gladiator Boots. The heel is exposed as does the toe area. Very cool and unique.

Have also post pics of other alternatives. The left shoe is from oo44 , the middle Giuliano Fujiwara and right shoe from Miu Miu.

I got this image from a Japanese magazine called Huge.

Retail price:
1) Balenciaga Boots - ¥143,850
2) 0044 Boots - ¥61,950

3) Giuliano Fujiwara Boots - ¥52,500


bagcraze said...

OMG that balenciaga boots is ROCKIN'!

Kevin said...

There is a ladies version:-) as heels. very cool as well. for Fall winter 2007. check it out.:-)

I adore the men's boots. but too expensive.

tjqp3 said...

Love all of them! Any idea how much the miu miu's are and where to get them? Would love to snag a pair!

Kevin said...

Miu Miu mens collection is no longer available in Singapore. So if you want to get that pair of shoe, you will have to go to the major fashion capitals, such as milan, Paris or new york to find them. Or the easiest way, buy online. but I know no sites that sells this pair of sandals.
Miu miu mens is distributed very exclusively and is not easy to find. I would love to get a pair of that too if I can find a place that sell them. If I come across any, will let you know:-)

I dunno the price of that miu miu shoe. Be prepared to pay around SGD$600 for that.:-)

tjqp3 said...

Thanks for letting me know. I might actually rather buy those Pierre Hardy ones you posted. Do you know where I could find those online?

Kevin said...

www.luisaviaroma.com stocks some pierre hardy shoes. But the shipping is incredibly expensive at 100euros a shipment. so make sure you buy as much as you can or get friends to share, so you maximise the shipping costs. Club 21 men has some pierre hardy shoes. but not sneakers for the moment. I was at the shop today.

tjqp3 said...

How much are the ones at Club 21 near you (US dollar, if you can tell me)? Do they have the brown ones? I ended up getting those 3.1 philip lim gladiator sandals and love them! I got the black ones have you seen them in any other color like brown?

Kevin said...

The Pierre Hardy brown open toe boots I featured in my pics (in pierre hardy post) costs SGD $569 at club 21 men. The others are around that price range and more. They have the high cut boots in brown.

Congrats on the Philip lim sandals! I wanted that so bad..but cannot find anywhere that sells them here or online. You wanna help me get a pair? hahaha.

tjqp3 said...

Haha that's kinda what I had in mind, I was hoping you might could help me get a pair of the pierre hardys. I typically wear a size US10/EU43 but the 3.1PL's run bit big so I got a 42 and they fit perfectly. I could call the store and see what's left. What size are you? I've never bought pierre hardy's what size do you think I'd be in those open toe chukka's? Any chance you think they'll stick around and go on sale or do you think they'll sell out? Just let me know. Thanks!

tjqp3 said...

Hey if you're still interested I called the store and they still have stock of all colors black, brown, blue, & cheetah. They've only got a few in several sizes left so let me know if you wanna make a deal. I'll help you get the sandals if you'd be willing to help me get those open toe chukka boots.

Kevin said...

Hi tjqp3,

thanks for the offer to help me get the Philip Lim sandals. I think I will pass on that offer:-) I appreciate you taking the time to check with the store. As for the open toe chukka boots, it is best you try them on for yourself before making a decision to buy. It is not a normal kinda shoe and some people might feel odd when they try it. I for one, was a bit uncomfortable with how it looks on my feet. And Barneys sell these shoes. You should try Barneys. Singapore usually costs more than the US. Happy shopping!