Sunday, 3 February 2008

My Bag Collection #06 (FOR SALE)

Miu Miu Double Zip Leather Bowler Bag (FOR SALE: Email me to enquire)

I was checking out all the privileged ladies in orchard road over countless weekends with their amazing looking Miu Miu bags and getting envious. Why does man bags have to be typical boring shapes and designs and with understated detailing and colour? Until finally one day...I spotted this gorgeous Miu Miu grey leather bowler bag that is gender bending and could easily pass off as a man bag. And the best part...I have always been a fan of hand carry and shoulder strap options in a bag. And this Miu Miu bag has got a thin removeable leather shoulder strap with gorgeous matt gold hardware. So in other words...I have got to own it! I was skeptical when I first tried it and was a bit awakard stepping into the Paragon boutique which only stocks up women's collection since a few seasons back. And I was probably the only guy in the store trying the bags amongst the ladies. So you can feel how nervous I am. I left the boutique without buying the bag after the first visit. But came back later with 2 frens whom I seek their opinion if it looks feminine. So the is not exactly too feminine looking! Hurray, after affirmation from frens and the sales associates in the store(both female and male, although they might just be using me to fulfill their sales targets), I flash out my credit card and brought the baby home.:-) I used it yesterday and walk with confidence looking chic and one of a kind on orchard road.:-) Now eyeing on more gender bending Miu Miu bags. One has caught my eye....will update soon if I will buy that.:-)

Where to buy: Miu Miu Boutique at Paragon


verena said...

Dear Kevin,
a year ago I bought the double zipped Miu Beauty - in black. Loved it, used it, 2 months later the metal clasp of the shoulder strap was broken. It took Miu (Prada) only just above 3 months to replace it. 2 days later it was broken again. It took another 2 months and I received one in the wrong metal colour. I lost my nerve - after having waited for about 4 out of 6 months owning it, never reveiving an appology or anything.... and returned it.
I still regret that. It was the best bag I ever owned - and wish I could find it ANYwhere. Any helpful comments who still sells it? thank you, * verena said...

LOVE that MAN bag!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

It's a cute handbag passing off as a man bag:-P Hehe. Very gender bending. I love it as well. Miu Miu has more exciting ladies bag than mens (when mens line is still available)

Anonymous said...

I would like to buy this bag from you if you are interested in selling it (maybe you have gotten tired of it and have seen some new bags you want to buy) Please contact me if you could consider selling it. My email is