Sunday, 3 February 2008

Gender Bender #01

I will start another new section writing about bags and items that were originally meant for one gender...but can pass off for use by the other. Of course, mostly ladies bags that can pass off as man bags.:-) I personally have own a few ladies bags that cross gender lines and easily add a dash of chic to a guy's shoulders.

First on the list:

Miu Miu Lux Leather Hobo

I would not really named this as a hobo bag. But Neiman Marcus website lists it as a hobo. Gathered top opening, nice long handles that can be sling over shoulders and of course my favourite feature, a removeable shoulder strap. But I think to use as a guys bag...the strap is a must to stay on the bag. The best feature of this bag is the crushed leather, which means you can chuck it, throw it, smash it or step on it....and it looks like it was meant to be this way. Perfect for everyday use. Size is huge for a girl but perfect for a guy. Comes in 3 colours, red, purple and black. Of course only the black version passed the gender bender test.
Price should be around SGD $2000.

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