Wednesday, 6 February 2008

My Bag Collection #08

YSL Downtown Large Tote in Deer Skin

This is the 'IT' bag from YSL, a signature style dangling on many arms of fashion's statement making starlets. Perhaps that is the reason why YSL downtown bag is a recurring classic in the YSL bag collection. and yes, it is a woman's style. And women go ga-ga over it...including a few 'good' men, like myself. Seriously, the design is very unisex, size is large enough to pass off as a man's bag and minimal frivolous details and a symmetric shape gives it a neutral feel. I have been drooling over this bag for many months. But it seems the bag never goes on sale. And with a hefty price tag, I was not sure if I want to commit myself to this bag. But after seeing a few chic men, so far tall lanky caucasian men, lugging this around and it looked fantastic on a guy, my desire to own this bag grew stronger.

When the fall winter 2007 sale started in YSL store, I went to check out what's on sale without any expectations that the downtown bag will be on sale. But to my greatest surprise, it was! (But not for the more classic design with a front pocket and made from buffalo skin.) The deer skin version features buckle details without a front pocket. The deer skin leather is absolutely soft and comes in 3 colours, deep blue, chocolate and off-white.

When it was going at 30% discount, I tried the bag but back out at the last minute as I am to travel to Germany in a few days time. So wanted to wait and see what I can buy in Germany. However, while I was in Germany, I keep thinking about the bag. And when that happens, it means I seriously like and wanted the bag. I was quite disappointed when I cannot find it in the 2 Berlin YSL stores. I regretted not buying the bag in Singapore.

When I came back to Singapore 2 weeks later, I drop by the store again but the sales associate told me it was sold out! What bad luck. But a day later, somehow I dunno what draws me to the store again and surprise surprise....I found the bag sitting on the shelves again! and all 3 colours was available! The sales person from previous day must be slacking and not doing her job or just cannot be bothered to offer me some good sales service. Fortunately, this 2nd time, a very nice sales associate served me and even brought out all the colours for me to choose and try. I was absolutely pleased and to top off the good news, the bag has now been marked down to 40% discount! Hurray! Out comes my credit card and I am the proud owner of an icon bag:-)

Retail price: SGD $3190. Where to buy: Yves Saint Laurent Boutique at Paragon


bagcraze said...

hi! u have great taste!!! i love all ur collections esp this downtown that i'm drooling over right now :p

bagcraze said...

hi! i love ur taste and collections esp this downtown i'm still drooling over till now :)

ilovelcanto said...

I saw this bag on sale at YSL in Paris at about 750 € (50% off). Great bag indeed...I took one for myself !

Anonymous said...

I saw this bag at YSL corner in Paris' Printemps : 50% off the regular price...I took one for myself !

Kevin said...

It's the same here in Singapore. Going for SGD1595. 50% off as well:-)

Seems the pricing in Europe and SG is pretty close:-)

Yes, it's a nice bag! Very chic!

sleeplessfish said...

Hi Kevin, please let me know if you are thinking of selling this bag, I want to be the first on the list!