Thursday, 7 February 2008

My Bag Collection #11

Balenciaga 'Motorcycle' Day Bag

As the name implies, this rock star/biker style messenger sac gives an edgy vibe for the wearer. Made of distressed goat skin, the leather is polished and soft thru multiple use. I love the leather lace on the zippers which is a signature design on Balenciaga bags. Somehow there's something nonchalant when you strut around with this bag and the laces start flowing around you to capture the movement. There are many variants of colours for this, white, red, green...but I chose the timeless black.

Retail price: approx. SGD $1600. Where to buy: Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel


shoe-holic said...

Good choice. I got the Besace instead in dark chocolate. Took a lot of convincing at first as the leather tassels on the front zipper were a little suggestive. But guess I overcame it eventually. I have caught myself on a number of occasions playing with them unconciously. ;-)

Kevin said...

Good choice! Balenciaga is timeless! and it never goes on sale for the motorcycle range. The ladies might be skeptical about the women's range as there are too many knock offs on the street. But the guys range, I have not heard of knock offs yet. At least if there is, it is minimal:-) The goat skin for this bag gets softer with more use! I love it! and I do fancy touching the tassles as well. The swinging tassles as you walk is what makes me feel like I am doing the runway. hahaha

Kaif said...

I got the dark green one today after chancing your blog! Almost got the black as i was going to use it for work but i wanted something different. Very nice though the tassels take getting used to.

Kevin said...

I love the distressed goat skin! and the tassle adds character to the bag when you move. Very non-chalant!

gald you like the bag! I love mine!

Green is a great choice!