Sunday, 17 February 2008

My Bag Collection #15 (FOR SALE)

Miu Miu Washed Leather Duffel Bag (FOR SALE: Click here)

There was a time when I was into bags that had an 'aged' quality. There was a time when Miu Miu Boutique in Paragon discontinued bringing in the men's collection. There was a time when Club 21 saved the day and got in Miu Miu as part of their collections.

One might ask, why buy a bag that look like it survived a 'nuclear holocast' when you can buy a brand new pristine one for the same price. The reason being, I want 'reassurance' that I can throw and 'abuse' the bag and it still looks like it was meant to be that way. In other words, a bag that ages with character and becomes more 'charming' with each use. This Miu Miu Washed Leather Duffel Bag is such a bag. Vegetable dyed rich amber brown colour and a special treatment to give the bag a deliberate used look. Everytime I look at the bag, it seems to have many stories to tell.:-P I know I have too vivid an imagination.

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