Saturday, 16 February 2008

My Bag Collection #14 (FOR SALE)

Bally Teak Grained Calf Leather Bag (FOR SALE: Email me to enquire)

This is my men's version of the Muse bag from YSL. Muse bag is way too feminine to be carried by a guy because of the size and width of the bag. The men's Muse briefcase just does not look half as appealing as the women's version.

One day while shopping in Takashimaya, I walked into the Bally store to check out the sale that was going on there. Somehow, my eyes were drawn to this nice rich teak coloured leather bag, with beautiful gold hardware and a very interesting gold 'dog tag'. I imagine myself carrying this bag on trips all over the world. Jet set style:-P

Why I say this is a men's version of Muse bag? To me, having the 'shoulder strap' buckle (square shape buckle instead of oval) sits in the middle of the sides of the bag coupled with the shape and the rich leather reminds me of Muse bag. Okay, maybe it is me only. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that this is a very 'handsome' and versatile leather bag that would be easy to match any outfit and practical to use. At 30% discount, it was a fantastic deal! Hence, the Bally bag found its rightful place in my collection.

Retail price: SGD $2335. Where to buy: Bally Boutique at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City

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