Sunday, 17 February 2008

My Shoe Collection #10

Dolce Gabbana Leather Sandals

Sometimes when I get bored...I shop. I know it is not a very past time activity to have, unless you have a never slimming fat wallet. But on certain days, I cannot resist the temptation and end up having to buy something. This pair of sandals is just a consequence of my weak moment. Fortunately, I must say I still like the sandals. Perfect for trotting down walkways of St. Tropez or closer to heart, Orchard Road:-) So all is not wasted.

Dolce Gabbana leather sandals from Spring 2006, in a gorgeous sand colour. With DG silver hardware on the top and a gladiator style design. What needs to be done now is to start wearing this sandal. I just have too many new shoes unworn yet. Must stop this horrible addiction.

Retail price: SGD $599. Where to buy: Dolce Gabbana Boutique at Hilton Hotel

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