Monday, 18 February 2008

My MANy Bags News #01

Mango Menswear – HE

Giving Zara a run for its money, Mango the spanish womenswear label who has been putting out affordable runway styles is launching its first menswear collection on March 15, 2008. Good news for fashion conscious men who does not want to rob a bank to achieve impeccable designer looks:-). I was very pleased with this new choice of affordable clothing which I can mix and match with actual designer pieces. Zara does great stuff on their men's range, but their cuts are sometimes way too large for me. Hopefully, Mango can come up with something that actually fits slimmer men. Featuring 46 pieces of t-shirts, waistcoats, trousers, jeans and swimwear in an assortment of fabrics and a signature unicorn logo.

In case you are wondering, why 'HE'? It seems, the name stands for Homini Emerito, which translates as "Man who enjoys a reward because of its merits". I am on the fence for the design of the logo. It looks similar to some 'Ah Beng' clothing shop in Singapore. (In case foreign readers are wondering, Ah Beng refers to local hooligans)

Nevertheless, check out the photos of the collection. Looking promising. Love the skinny pants and waist coat look. And the studded belt looks great. Reminds me of Hedi Slimane's Dior Homme.

Keep your fingers crossed that Singapore stores will stock this new range of menswear.

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