Monday, 18 February 2008

Poor Hermès Birkin Bag!

Jane Birkin...on how to treat your precious Hermès Birkin Bag

This clip is hilarious! Oh my..check it out. I wonder now, would any Hermes Birkin Bag owners do this to their precious Birkin bag. Hahaha. Apparently, Jane Birkin thinks otherwise.

And in case, you are wondering who this 'crazy french woman' is...

She is the person the iconic Hermes bag is named after. Hermes named and designed the Birkin Bag for her in 1984 after the actress was seen in 1981 by the head of Hermès struggling with several bags while boarding an airplane. The Birkin bag has since become one of Hermès' most sought after and expensive handbags with a super long waiting list.

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