Thursday, 6 March 2008

Gender Bender #07

Bottega Veneta Sardegna Canvas Tote

Presenting another lovely canvas bag from Bottega Veneta. Bottega Veneta is renowned for quality and craftsmanship for all their products. Even the canvas bags makes you go wow when you see it up close and touch it. The canvas material is of such a good quality you can feel the difference immediately. The stitch work and sewing is also done with lots of skill and precision.

All these qualities are inherent in this incarnation of Bottega Veneta's canvas bag. The interesting thing about this canvas tote is the way the handles are fasten to the bag. Leather handles are looped onto rings on a riveted leather patch. I think this design is special and yet not overwhelming. This method of fastening applies to the leather shoulder strap as well.

Comes in a beautiful colour and very handy size, big enough for both women and man. So guys, do not fret that you end up with a purse if you sling this around. The subtle details also makes this bag suitable for both genders.

Retail price: US$1180. Where to buy:

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