Thursday, 6 March 2008

The Material Boy #31

D&G Zip Top Weekender With Tonal Handles

Like I mentioned before, D&G bags are improving! And this is another bag that I will not mind buying:-). A beige coloured canvas weekender that is not only practical for travelling but ensures you stay chic even when you are on vacation. I love the buckled handles and the juxtapose of canvas and aged leather. The boxy shape is also very appealing. Lots of attention to details has been given, to such extent that even the metal zipper pulls have been engraved with the D&G logo.

When it comes to functionality, multi zips on the sides and a shoe compartment at the base of the bag (so you can seperate footwear from your clothing) are made with travelling ease in mind. All in all, I love this bag!

Retail price: US$549. Where to buy:


the Swede said...

Nice choices again! Both this and the BV tote are subtly elegant and stylish without shouting out.
Its hard to believe the DoG bag is only US$549, that's so cheap.

Kevin said...

Indeed, I cannot believe the price is so affordable for such a big bag! Glad you like my recommendations:-)

shoe-holic said...

Sorry to burst your bubble guys. But have you actually seen the bag in person before? I actually did go to the local D&G boutique and took a look myself. It definitely looks better in the picture. The bag is a real dead-weight. It's made of very heavy corduroy material and the leather trimming & handle is lacklustre at best. Overall, I'd say there are much better looking bags at and below that hideous price tag.

Kevin said...

I did see the bag for myself as well! I like it. But the size was a disappointment. It's too big for daily use.:-) and so incredibly expensive in Singapore at SGD$1059(approx.). I would have gotten it if the bag is smaller and more handy. My criteria for a travel bag is it has to be rugged and can withstand the rigours of countless airport checks:-) hehe. Hey, we shop at the same places!:-) cool! BTW, my email is Email me your pics of the prada shoes. Could post it for you here!