Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Gender Bender #09

YSL Besace Flap Bag in Croc Embossed Leather

When I first saw this YSL Besace Flap Bag, the size and shape appealed to me. The design was in a messenger bag style, and the size was perfect in a 'postman bag' proportion. Great for guys! However, when I saw the strap..I became doubtful. Doubtful that it will work for a guy as it is really short. Apparently, I was wrong! I came across this pic of a real guy on the street using this bag in croc embossed leather and it immediately screams to me as CHIC! Oh wow. Now I need this bag! Furthermore, my 'L'Officiel 1000 models menswear spring 2008' magazine did list the Besace (although in canvas and leather trim) to be a man's accessory. So this just affirms that the bag works for a guy as well! The key thing is you just sling it on one shoulder instead of diagonally across.

In a sexy sky anthracite grey colour, with textured croc embossed leather, this oozes luxury like all other beautiful IT bags from YSL. Antique brass hardware adds a expensive vintage touch! Perfect combination:-P

There are many variants for this Besace range. But I am a fan of this croc embossed leather version in grey. Just pure divine! The embossed leather does look like the real croc skin. Now, I need to amass some funds to get this bag:-P Will check out YSL boutique this weekend.

Retail price: US $1995. Where to buy:


still said...

this is a nice bag! but bit pricey though

i am really contemplating on the balenciaga courier bag. the price is reasonable as compared to their ladies bags.

dilemma dilemma

Kevin said...

yeah, this YSL bag is pricey and not for every guy, I have to admit. The strap is short. so you have to test it for yourself to determine if it works for you. But the bag is so beautiful especially in the corc embossed leather version:-P and in grey colour!

The balenciaga courier bag is a good choice, distressed goat skin which gets soft and acquires more character as you use it! balenciaga is a great brand for bags! happy shopping!