Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Life As A Runway - Men With Big Pockets

While I was browsing another fellow blogger's amazing bag blog (, I came across this very interesting article about men and their man bags! And check out the pics...quite a few of them are using ladies bags and they pull off the look perfectly! :-) It shows I am not the only guy who believes in gender bending bags.:-) Hurray! Read the article and look at the pics. This is what I created my blog for:-P Thank you bagcraze!

Life As A Runway - Men With Big Pockets
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THE bag is the new hat. That was confirmed on a trip to Paris, where plenty of men had traded in their fur trappers, watch caps and beanies for handsome leather carryalls. There was nothing timid about those bags. Weighty and capacious, they nudged aside the canvas backpack as a totem of hipster chic. Some were purely practical, large enough to transport documents, spare sneakers or, if need be, the contents of one’s medicine chest. Others conveyed heaps of status.
Wise to the power of a high-fashion label, Marcin Tyszka carried an envelope clutch by Louis Vuitton. Thomas Kirchgrabner showed off a fringed satchel by Miu Miu. Nicolas Cisa toted Gucci, while Jonathan Huguet made an aggressive statement, swinging a large leather messenger bag from Yves Saint Laurent. Yes, it’s a man thing.



Anonymous said...

what designer has made tzhe bag on the second photo left in black???
thank you!

Kevin said...

The black leather bag on the left, second roll pic....

that is from Zara. if I remember correctly.