Thursday, 27 March 2008

Gender Bender #12

Azzedine Alaia Gladiator 6-band Sandals

Maybe this is stretching it even for the boldest men who experiments with fashion. But I am just impressed by the design of this pair of flat sandals from Azzedine Alaia. Definitely a very exclusive label (the designer is Tunisian-born), but he makes incredible women shoes and clothes.

I wonder if a men's feet can fit in the largest size of these sandals. A few reasons why I thought a guy might have a chance to pull this off, is the very basic black and brown colour combination, non-ornate detailing(they used only plain metal buckles) and a round-toe shaped sole. I think if a men wants to wear these, he has to try them in order to determine if the shape fits a guy's feet properly. My Pierre Hardy open toe boots have a very narrow and long shaped sole(sort of resembling a female feet) and it is designed for guys. So there is a chance this Azzedine Alaia design could allow a male feet to slip into them. I like these gladiator style sandals, feels really laidback and cool! So if they fit properly, I will not mind buying and wearing it. But for now, I will not take a risk of this 'magnitude' since the sandals costs a hefty UK £570.00!

Nonetheless, still nice to share a good design here with more people. I often question why can't men's shoes inject a bit more creativity in them.

Retail price: UK 570 pounds. Where to buy:

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