Saturday, 8 March 2008

The Material Boy #34

Bally Naplin-P Perforated Suede Tote

Another post about Bally:-) Somehow I was impressed by the bag and shoe designs this season. Here's another gem from the collection, Bally Naplin-P Perforated Suede Tote:-). In a desert sand coloured suede that is perforated, which seems to be a huge trend for leather accessories this season. Have seen perforated leathers used on shoes and even leather jackets as well. The signature Bally web ribbon runs thru the center of the tote bag and adds some nice design and colour to the bag. Comfortable rolled suede buckled handles and zipped top opening makes it a good travelling companion. Somehow, I get a feeling of an explorer (think Indiana Jones) doing an expedition in the Arabian desert when I see this tote on the model:-) Nice look. Very summer and sophisticated:-)

I think I have seen this tote at the Bally store in Changi airport terminal 2 (while doing a site recce for one of my projects). Will check out the store in Raffles city tommorrow and if I can get price details, will update here.

Bally bags are of good craftsmanship and it is a pity the fan base has not picked up too much yet.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin

The Naplin-P perforated Suede Tote is the bag i initially wanted, but my friend bought me the Navel Suede Travel Bag with White leather Trim instead.

i like the shape, size of this bag, and the signature Bally web ribbon with the perforated leather.

But guess i will have to give this a miss, for now.