Saturday, 8 March 2008

My Bag Collection #19

Burberry Prorsum Flower Print Tote

"How cute!" That was the reaction when I first laid eyes on this Burberry flower print tote at the Burberry Boutique at Paragon a couple of years back. But soon as I pick up the price tag and have a look...I immediately changed my comment to "that's not cute anymore!". Hahaha. Yes, this tote bag costs a hefty SGD $1600 at its original price. Made out of a fabric(nylon?) woven material with antiqued sienna brown leather, I cannot justify the price for the material used for the bag. It is just too much for a bag made mostly of fabric and not even lined in the inside at all. But the prints were totally captivating. So summery and cheerful. It's gonna brighten up anyone's day. Best of all, it's a runway bag! (I am a sucker for runway items, love to own items from the runway). The 'angel' perching on my right shoulder won the battle that day and I decided not to purchase the bag.

One fine day during the final clearance sale days in a fine Saturday afternoon, I hopped into the Burberry store to check out new collections and found out instead the store had a 60% discount on the leftover spring summer stock. And to my delight, the flower tote was one of the leftovers:-), I literally can scream with immense joy! I thought, this bag is destined to be mine. So I flash out my credit card and became the proud owner of this beautiful flower print tote. I now believed in destiny. My destiny was to own this bag. :-P

The tote bag comes with a interior leather zipper pocket, with polished metal hardware. Love the unique shape of the handle hardware. Metals studs are located on the base of the bag to protect the bag. One drawback with this tote is it is too collapsible, too soft and the heavy leather handles and pockets weighs down on the bag. So dun expect this bag to stand on its 'feet'. A minor drawback for the many envious stares you get strutting down the street.:-)

Retail price: SGD $1660. Where to buy: Burberry Boutique at Paragon

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