Sunday, 2 March 2008

My Shoe Collection #12

D&G Dark Brown Gladiator Sandals

It seems my quest for gladiator style sandals bears some results. I was shopping at Forum Shopping Mall today and came across this pair of sandals at the D&G boutique. I was a bit skeptical if I can pull off this sandal as it looks heavy and chunky with all the hardware and thick soles. I tried it...and much as I was still unsure, I went ahead to buy them. I think largely due to the fact I have not seen ankle height sandals anywhere in Singapore and I had a credit note with the store (becos of a returned bag I bought in Dec). So I paid only a minimum sum for the sandals after expending the credit note together with my store discount.

So here I am...another pair of shoe to add to my massive collection. But I am still unsure, wonder why. I have set a style for myself(sort of a guideline for the look I want to achieve), and that is 'Glam Resort'. I always have a thing for vacation fashion in some glamourous location. It seems I am not feeling this pair of sandals as the ancient, rustic greek kinda gladiator sandals(which fits more to the glam resort theme). I feel more hardcore modern biker style instead. What do you guys think? I guess if tomorrow I am still not sure, I may get it returned to the store again. Yikes!

Update: I kept the sandals and am liking them more and more!

Retail price: SGD $739. Where to buy: D&G Boutique at Forum, The Shopping Mall


still said...

the camel colored pair of open toe sandles from balenciaga (which club 21 cancelled) cost GBP499 and can be bought from Selfridges in London.

If you can get hold of the March issue of British GQ (which was released last month) with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton on cover, there's a shoes supplement. in it are lots of shoes, and the balenciaga cutaway boots is featured.

that's not the most expensive men shoe/sandal though. there's a pair of raf simons sandals which looks like the balenciaga a/w 07 women's lego heels, which retails for GBP788!

still said...

and oh your D&G sandals were also featured in that GQ shoes supplement.

it retails for GBP195.

why is it so expensive in singapore?!

Kevin said...

Well, Asia is well known for making obscene markups on all sorts of designer goods. I wonder why...maybe the shipping? Managing the brand from overseas? Local duties and taxes? Singapore is not as bad as Thailand. You can never buy anything there designer without paying ridiculously more.

Oh dear, I better move to london...hehe. I could save a tonne of money there with my purchases. I want those balenciaga boots.:-) GBP 499 is not that bad.

As for the raf simons shoe...well...I have seen that, it looks horrid and not worth the price.

I need to find the issue of british GQ....gosh...I am a shoe and bag freak.

thanks for letting me know the prices and availability!